N E W S L E T T E R / Research & Degrowth / July 2011

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Recent events

The European Society for Ecological Economics 
conference at Istanbul which took place on the 
14-17th of June was a bit success, also in terms of 
the discussion on degrowth. The degrowth special 
sessions organized were: 
An introduction to De-growth; 
Degrowth Fundamentals: Carrying Capacity/Limits and Degrowth; 
Deepening Key Questions on Degrowth: Businesses and the State; 
Democracy and Degrowth Social Movements
Degrowth Proposals
You can find majority of the presentations, including 
the ones from the pre-conference workshop at:
 http://www.esee2011.org (or contact us to send you a copy)


Projects with R&D involvement

Join the degrowth photo contest! We invite you to 
submit photographs for the Degrowth Calendar 2012.
See www.degrowth.net
Deadline 30 september 2011


RESPONDER links sustainable consumption and growth 
debates by looking at potential contradictions and 
taking into account aspects of green growth, non-growth
and degrowth. The project is built on the idea of 
“knowledge brokerage”, based on a systemic approach 
and participatory system mapping organized in a series 
of EU dialogues and other events, linking science, 
policy, pro-growth and beyond growth. 
See http://www.scp-responder.eu/
Next events within RESPONDER:
19-21 October 2011 1st EU Dialogue on Sustainable 
Consumption and Economic Growth Berlin 
26-27 January 2012 Multinational knowledge brokerage 
event on Sustainable Food Consumption, Lisbon 
15-17 February 2012 Multinational knowledge brokerage 
event on Sustainable Household Electronics, Vienna 
7-9 March 2012 Multinational knowledge brokerage event 
on Sustainable Household Savings and Debts, London 
21-23 March 2012 Multinational knowledge brokerage 
event on Sustainable Mobility, Bratislava 
28-30 March 2012 Multinational knowledge brokerage 
event on Sustainable Housing, Barcelona 


Recent articles & publications

"In defence of degrowth" an article by ICTA and R&D 
member Giorgos Kallis was published in the latest issue
of Ecological Economics. Article can be downloaded here: 

A new book brings an informed base to fruitfully debate
on degrowth is now published in Spanish! Decrecimiento.
10 preguntas para comprenderlo y debatirlo. D. Bayon, 
F. Flipo y F. Schneider / Ed Viejo Topo. 
ISBN 978-84-15216-11-7, 240 págs
“Peligrosa utopía”, “proyecto reaccionario”, “tonta 
ilusión” son calificativos que se han utilizado para 
desacreditar este movimiento, el cual ha suscitado una 
condescendiente sonrisa irónica o una instintiva 
desconfianza en el medio político tradicional y en 
buena parte del mundillo intelectual. 

Lo que convierte a este libro en un instrumento 
definitivo para comprender de qué se habla cuando se 
habla de decrecimiento, rompiendo malentendidos y 
prejuicios, es que responde con argumentos a una serie 
de cuestiones clave de forma diáfana, sencilla pero 


Upcoming events

A degrowth relevant online course, “Ecological 
Economics For and Through Civil Society 
Organizations” will run from September to 
December 2011. Applications are now accepted from 
interested potential students, preferably with NGO, 
policy or academic backgrounds. 
Deadline for applications July 15.
For more information on the fee and how to apply visit: 

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